Join me and impact greater with integrity!

Angelina Musik's Enterprising Women's ProjectHi, I'm Angelina Musik and welcome to my Enterprising Women's Project to amplify the visibility and credibility of authentic enterprising women who lead with  integirty while growing their business in a multi-faceted way! They have come together to share their backstories, businesses and expertise to reach, teach and impact greater! 

I'm the founder of MOMtrepreneurs, Wellness by Choice, the Business Women News Network, and co-founder of Intelligent Netware (with my husband Daniel), a concierge businesss and personal development, media, marketing, and web technology firm founded in 1997.

Angelina Musik's Enterprising Women's Project in Entrepreneur Magazine

WHO may participate and HOW, and the WHY behind the selection process? 

  • WHO: Existing or aspiriing enterprising women who have been handpicked by me, referred to me by someone I trust, or through where I have shared this project. 
  • HOW: Schedule a zoom session with me: https://calendly.com/wellnessbychoice
  • WHY: I invest time to get to know, like and trust the women who wish to participate before accepting them because of MY investment in them.

WHERE do the enterprising women gain visibiity and credibility through:

  • Wellness by Choice Network in print, mobile, online across the U.S.
  • 2020 Enterprising Women's Conference Sept 11-13, 2020 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix AZ
  • 2020 Wellness by Choice Expo Sept 12 & 13, 2020 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix AZ

WHAT: A multifaceted platform strategy.

  • PRINT: Enterprising Women's Book Chapter. (view chapter packages here)
  • ONLINE: National and International Web Syndication through Wellness by Choice
  • MOBILE: Private Direct to Consumer Wellness by Choice Mobile App.
  • LIVE EVENT: SEPT 11-13, 2020 Enterprising Women's Talk Show and Conference at the Phoenix Convention Center. Filmed and live streamed internationally.

I'm sharing MY stage with YOU while WE make a greater impact as an enterprising resource to educate and empower women in distress with enterprising tools, insights and opportunities! Twenty years ago I was fled domestic violence with my two and used entrepreneurship to help me fund a better life forward.



Click the images, watch the video, if this resonates with you schedule your Zoom video conference call - https://calendly.com/wellnessbychoice








Here are images which demonstrate me doing what I want to help you do. Be in front of a larger audience to impact greater with integrity!

Founders - Daniel & Angelina Musik-CompCEO/cofounder of Intelligent Netware - a twice awarded by the U.S. SBA concierge media, marketing and web tech firm.

  • WellnessbyChoice.com - social initiative to reduce the footprint of imposters while amplifying the visibilty of authentic experts who help us live smarter, healthier and happier.